The rapid! PayCard is a powerful financial service for employees who
do not have traditional banking relationships. These services provide
greater convenience, added security and exceptional value to
cardholders, including:

Text Alerts* — Cardholders may elect to have text messages with
information about their card balance or transactions sent directly to their
cell phone on-demand or event driven.
Cash Back Merchant Rewards — Cardholders can opt into a cash back
merchant rewards program that pays them for normal purchasing behavior.
Interest Bearing Savings — Cardholders have access to an
interest-bearing savings account or “purse” in their account.
Bill Payment — Cardholders can pay their bills over the phone or Web
Portability — The rapid! PayCard is the employee’s private card account.
Cardholder Issued Check — Cardholders can write a check for payment or
receive 100% of their pay o their card.
Allpoint® ATM Withdrawal — The rapid! PayCard is currently a member of
the Allpoint ATM surcharge-free network with access to more than 37,000

Additional methods to access pay

• POS store purchase (including cash back, where available)
• Request a check
• US post office money order
• Electronic transfer to a bank account