Why choose Mitchell Restaurant Information (MRI) to do your payroll?

The first thing you have to understand when you are choosing a payroll company is what exactly are you getting. Most national brand payroll companies (ADP, Paychex) offer you an online platform in which YOU do your own payroll. You must log in to your POS system, input all employee data in their systems, make sure you have all of the correct fields filled out, including all federal, state and any local tax rates, then process the payroll.

Yes, those national brand companies will fill out and submit quarterly and annual tax returns, just as MRI would.

With MRI, you wouldn’t be doing your own payroll. MRI would take the information from your system without you needing to do anything but make sure that updated pay information in present. We work directly with the federal and state institutions to maintain your tax rates. We input and maintain employee data in our software, you would do all of that in the national brand payroll services.

We also offer better customer service. Larger brand companies typically have turnover that prevents them from offering consistency in customer service. With us, since we do almost all of the work, we don’t have a need to be in constant contact with our clients, quite a few of our clients only having to send us copies of basic employee forms (W-4’s, direct deposit forms) that need to be signed by employees and sent to us.

MRI will also handle special reporting like Worker Comp Audits. What the national brands you will have to fill out and report on your own. ADP nor Paychex will do the paperwork for you, they will simply point you to the online software reporting tools.

The most recent comparison done between our pricing and the national brands put MRI in the middle. ADP was typically 10% more and Paychex 9% less.
What MRI does is take the headache and hassle from an owner. We strive to take what can be an unpleasant process, and make it easy. This should free up time for owners and workers to concentrate on what they got into the business for.