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I don’t like to spend my time behind the counter making pizzas, and would prefer to spend my time working on advertising and marketing the restaurants. Before I started using Mitchell Restaurant Information I was very unorganized. I felt like all of my time was being devoted to paperwork, and I felt like I was always scrambling to get everything done in time.

Since using Mitchell Restaurant Information, my life is a lot easier. I feel like I’m able to spend my time on the things that really matter, like marketing and operations. My restaurants have become more profitable, I feel more organized, less stressed, and I get to play a lot more golf!

Doug StoreyPortland Area Restaurant Owner

When I first heard about Mitchell Restaurant Information, I was not interested in hiring someone to do my bookkeeping. I own just the one restaurant, so all of my time is spent in the restaurant running the place. We weren’t making much money at the time either, so an extra expense did not sound like a good idea. When you a run a restaurant yourself, all of the responsibilities fall on you.

Not only was I running the store and making sure our food was the best possible quality, but I was doing the books, keeping up on the maintenance, and even being the janitor when I had to. I began to become overwhelmed. Friends of mine were already using Mitchell Restaurant Information, and suggested I give them a try. Being able to pass off a portion of my responsibilities made my life less hectic.

Based on the information I received from them, I made some changes that immediately raised my profit margin. The additional profit actually paid for the fee they charge! Today Mitchell Restaurant Information is a big part of the way I operate my restaurant. I can’t see doing business without them!

Nancy CollinsLake Oswego Area Restaurant Owner

I spend my time running one of the restaurants while I have managers in the other four. The store I spend my time in was doing very well while my others were mediocre to poor. I wasn’t exactly sure what the problem was. I was receiving financial statements from my CPA, but it usually took about three months to get them.

Another franchisee was using Mitchell Restaurant Information and thought they might be able to help me. Mitchell has been great for me! I typically get financial statements two weeks after the period ends. I have a wonderful bookkeeper who analyzes and interprets the information to help me to make the necessary decisions to make all of my restaurants a success.

Since I don’t spend time in most of my restaurants it’s important for me to get detailed information in a timely manner, so that I can use the information to recognize trends and make changes so that my restaurants can be as profitable as they can be. In addition to making more money, I also saved a considerable amount of money by using Mitchell Restaurant Information instead of my CPA. Mitchell has really helped me out a lot!

David SmithOwns 5 Restaurants